As a traveller, you need to consider which season is the best to go for the perfect vacation. Since Philippines is belongs to tropical country ,we have to always expect the unexpected weather changes like sunny and rainy days.

So let’s talk about the best time to explore one of the best island in the world: El Nido…Both seasons are good to go cause that place have plenty of beautiful spots and activities to offer for those explorer depending on what kind of preference you have as a traveler.

Let us discussed first the dry season which starts on month of October to month of June and then particulary about the best time ever: summer, from march to may to those who love islands and beaches that mentioned months are the best for you to settle your vacation, booked a flight and pack up your things as you are surely enjoyed island hopping with activities like snorkeling, kayaking,free diving, swimming, fishing and surfing and after that long beautiful day in the islands you can go bar hopping as El Nido has also different types of bar you can explore and enjoy during the night.

While during rainy season, some tourists says it is the gloomy to everyone because the typhoons are started to explore Philippines, in this case most of the island tours are expected to be cancelled from the authority due to gale warning or strong winds but of course that is not the reason to ruin your vacation plans since El Nido also offers inland and historical tours which is very interesting, funny and mesmerizing…

  1. Ille Cave and Dewil Valley Museum: they found fossils of the tiger inside of the caves and skeletal bones of a human during permian period (298.9 to 252.17 million years ago before the dinosaurs period which they have preserve and put at museum for the public viewing 6 years ago. Ille cave also known for it’s wonderful rock formation and how magnificient every stalactite and stalagmite formations are!
  • Balay Cuyunon at Sibaltan: There you can visit the version of palawan ethnic group house which made of native light materials as Kugon Roof, Kawayan and Siksik as replacement of nail, they also have the pangko museum that is look like sail boat but made of native materials and inside is consisting of native kitchen utensils derived from the cuyunon tribe way of living many years ago. They also entertained visitors by dancing and singing of all cuyunon songs and offers you the local food that is unique and terrific!
  • Lio Eco Trail: When your mind needs to rest from the crowded places, this lio eco trail offers and invites you a peaceful ambiance as it will brings you close to the nature where you can see different types of wild animals like monitor lizard, Palawan horn bills, Monkeys, Birds.
  • The View: Located at the peak of the forest, there you can enjoy the view of the lamoro beach, fresh air and blue skies while laying on the round couch they provide to relax and feel comfortable and enjoy the place inside of the forest.

These are the best place to go if you want something different and unique, El Nido also offers inland tours that is easy to explore and reachable throught motorcycles and tricycle. Internet is accesable also for all networks so it is easy to booked where ever place you want to explore.

Regarding island hopping it is oviously not always cancel there are many beautiful sunny day even during raining season: just a bit hard to predict when will it be.