• Always be positive – While you are in El Nido everything is different from your country as a traveler, beeing POSITIVE always can help you to have a wonderful experience here in El Nido
  • Be friendly and smile to the locals – Filipino people are well known as happy persons and very hospitable, especially with tourists, Don’t be surprised sometimes if you are on the road walking locals will give you their lovely smile as a sign of being happy to meet you.
  • Expedition tour – experience an once in a life time adventure. And go to reach the most remote group of islands of Palawan: Linapacan. Spend 3 or 5 days travelling around and adopting the local way of life and it will be probably the highlight of your vacation. You can try to contact: Nativ’ Exploration Palawan
  • Experience an eco friendly way of discovering the Bacuit Bay and try the traditional filipino sailing experience in El Nido with unique sail design hand painted by a local artist: a replica of a vinta sail. A Vinta is a colourful traditional outrigger boat from the south part of Philippines (Mindanao) mostly use by local tribes (Badjao & Moro). These colorful flagged boats display the richness and artistry of the native and sea-people of the Southern Philippines. You will experience filipino sea nomad way of travelling it will take you back to the roots while reducing your impact on the ocean by using the nature (wind) power. Let’s go away from the tourist crowds and enjoy every bites.
  • Rent a kayak – if you want to explore the nearest island, beaches from corong corong or las cabañas beach the main beach you just rent a kayak and explore the island. The kayak price P500-P800

These things that you don’t do while in El Nido just in other countries that also have do’s and Don’ts policy to protect the culture and the environment of the certain place.

  • Don’t ever bring plastic during island tour– since El Nido is a plastic ban Municipality here in Palawan due to protect the environment.
  • Bring your own tumbler and refill it instead of buying plastic bottles (a lot of hotel are offering this option, often for free)
  • Don’t drink the tap water – to make it safe please don’t ever try to drink the tap water because it’s not unsafe to drink. You should buy purified water, it is very cheap and most of the hotel offer purified water.
  • Don’t ever step the corals while swimming or snorkelling
  • Don’t walk around in BIKINI or naked – yes El Nido is a beach place and yes Philippines belong to a hot and sunny country that is not a license to walk naked or in bikini, Pilipinos specially Palaweño are modest and conservative, tourists, visitors must understand the culture and adjust themselves to respect the cultures.
  • Rent a motorcycle/ scooter if you are not confortable driving in bad road – this idea is better if you want to explore the nacpan beach and inland spot, but can ruin your vacation if you never experience “bad” roads before… You have the option of renting a van or a tricycle with a driver.