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What is the perfect time to travel to El Nido?

As a traveller, you need to consider which season is the best to go for the perfect vacation. Since Philippines is belongs to tropical country ,we have to always expect the unexpected weather changes like sunny and rainy days. So...

TOP 6 activities to do in El Nido

Explore the world-famous destination, found here in the Philippines' here in the ”Last frontier of the Philippines” Palawan   — El Nido. Find out why it's continuously in the top favorites of travelers from different parts of the world. Which islands,...

What do you need to know to visit El Nido in 2019

Here are some tips to be aware before traveling the Palawan in order to spend peaceful holidays!   1. There is now ATMs in El Nido   Since few months El Nido is now having several ATMs. As a traveller you will now be able to find cash in town. You must...

Discovering El Nido in another way

Tourism has been booming recently in El Nido town. A lot of establishments are under construction. Travellers may think that this will be an overworked place with common touristic activities. Actually El Nido still have some well kept secrets activities and you can...

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