Are you looking the best places to eat in El Nido, here are some good place to eat!

  • Taste inside El Nido town: this is a vegan option they have the best smoothies bowl of El Nido & try out also their lasagna: they are delicious!
  • Frangipani: located at Lugadia Corong Corong. You will be amazed by the view and they have a large selection of dishes! A lot of Filipino choices, perfect for the travellers who are curious about the local cuisine!
Sunset at Corong Corong beach next to Frangipani

  • La plage in Calaan! Good fusion of French / Filipino cuisine. Just next by the beach you can enjoy your meal with a breath-taking view!

  • Shaka in Lio Beach. If you are willing to drive up to the next beach on the North, you should reach Lio. Shaka has a lot of vegan options, they serve delicious veggies burger and refreshing tropical shake