Our spirit

The word voyage has a multitude of definitions. Indeed, each individual have their own characteristics, desires and habits. Nativ'Exploration Palawan organizes expeditions that meet the expectations of escape and expatriation of those who want, above all, a change of lifestyle during their stay in Northern Palawan.

These are precious moments.

Everything is organised to make the dream a reality.

The quest for optimal service requires above all the respect of commitments to tourists, the local population and the environment. Nativ’Exploration Palawan is also involved in local development, through its ethical and fair practices.

Far from the classic itineraries that invaded the local offer, our goal is to enable travellers be totally immersed in Filipino marin environment and discover the realities of everyday life of inhabitants:

  • taste the simplicity of a journey,
  • adopt a new relationship with time, ruled by sunrise and sunset
  • set your imagination free through navigation,
  • escape into the amazing multicolored biodiversity and turquoise waters,
  • feed from healthy, locally produced, food,
  • sleep in camps composed of bamboo huts or tents,
  • contribute to local development through a fair distribution of profits generated by our business.
  • support local activities through the actions of Kaïsa Foundation, promoting education in remote islands.

These experiences, so close to local culture, are only made possible through respect for human values and constant attention to coexisting with nature.