Our ethic

We sail through remote places, villages, unspolit islands. We cannot pretend to have an impact on the environment but we can control it. At Nativ'Exploration Palawan, we embrace the principles of sustainable tourism.

To provide a positive experience for both visitors and hosts

We reach places and islands where you will be living as an island resident, but for that we are looking for explorers with a deep sense of curiosity and which will be aware to change their habits.

We believe the best way to discover and understand the culture of Palawan is to adopt the way of life of local people: fishing, eating only local food and sleeping in native bamboo house.

We support this way of travelling to avoid the loss of culture, which can often be seen in mass tourism and to get a more authentic experience. Therefore, in order to travel responsibly you must accept your surroundings for what they are and not expect anything else (such as the food, or the habits from your homeland...) As a traveller it’s vitally important that you make an effort to fit in, to show your respect for the traditions and culture of the community that you are staying in.

To favour slow tourism with original routes off the beaten tracks

Our main goal during our expedition is to let our guests taste the simplicity of a journey. There is no time pressure we adopt another relation with time ruled by the sunrise and sunset. We travel with a banka (a Filipino local boat with outrigger). There is no fixed itinerary, all our trips are different, far from the usual itineraries that invaded the local offer.

To favour short circuit

All the products that we need are bought in the local market before the departure orto some fisherman on our way. Our chef on board will established a unique menu depending of what was available in the market.

To protect environment

In order to get involved in this protection, we often try to improve our self by limiting our impact on this wonderful environment by giving training to our staff with the tourism office, using only light and natural material for our base camp, keeping the place where we go clean (and participating to the clean-up day, to the installation of buoys).

Nativ' Exploration is taking part of the protection of the environment with the Environmental fee, created by the tourism office of El Nido. It’s obvious that the environment is our best partner and we must protect it.

To provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people

At Nativ' Exploration Palawan, we believe it's our responsibility to give back to the people that make Philippines such a remarkable place; our team on board is 100% Filipino.

We contribute to local development thanks to a fair distribution of our turnover generated by our activity.

We are implementing several projects to improve the condition of life of the locals (such as the creation of NGO to promote education in remote islands: Kaïsa foundation).Thru Kaïsa foundation, Nativ' Exploration Palawan is supporting local communities living on the remote islands of North Palawan, by helping them on: education: building school and scholarship, promotion of livelihood, such as Filipino art orfarming. Nativ' Exploration Palawan has funded new school and sponsored community development projects.